The Project

         Watertank Math is an intuitive, relatable, hands-on method of teaching the concept of integers and arithmetic operations. Mathematics can seem vague and nebulous to many students, especially when they struggle to connect what they have learned to the world they see around them. This projected was founded under the belief that students should always be able to see and understand the real life applications of the mathematical concepts they learn in school, and conversely, should be able to recognize the mathematical complexities of their surroundings. At Watertank Math, we know that a pupil who can apply what they were taught is a pupil who truly understands. We are here to bridge the gap between theory and practice for novice mathematicians.

The Origin

I am currently a high school math teacher and football coach who wanted to find a universal example for teaching the addition and subtraction of integers in the classroom. Using a toilet or ‘watertank’ was a concept that students of all ages could easily relate to. I’ve been using this in my classroom for many years now and I continually see students use my designs and concept to solve math problems.

After a couple years of using it I decided I wanted to share it with the world in hopes every student who has trouble adding and subtracting integers could use this visual design and also relate the math operations they see to something they use everyday, a toilet! I shared my vision with NASCO based out of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin in the United States. We worked together on some products a teacher could use in a classroom and a lot of this was based off what I liked to use in my very own class. Through this teamwork we came up with the activity book, dry-erase boards, and the CD-ROM.

In addition to all these products I felt coming up with an app to go with the material would be another great tool especially knowing how much electronic devices are being used from pre-school through high school. Not knowing how to code in the native languages of iOS and Android my team and I turned to hybrid app development with the Phonegap module developed by Apache Cordova. Using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery we spent a good part of a year to bring to you what you see today in the downloads. We have some ideas of our own on how to expand the apps but would love to hear back on features you, teachers, students, parents would want in the app. Please contact me for suggestions.

— Jason Kazar
Founder of Watertank Math

The Team

Jason Kazar
Nolan Blankenau
App Developer
Todd Bryant
App Developer
Luann Jung
Website Developer
Isaiah Glymour
Website Developer