Understanding integers with Watertank Math

Introducing a practical application which familiarizes the learning process.

Watertank Math, when used to explain the addition and subtraction of integer values, can help teachers relate math to an activity that everyone goes through. Using the toilet is one of the first accomplishments of a child’s life, and with the understanding of how the household item works, every kid can connect adding and subtracting using the Watertank Math principles and model.

Developed by Manhattan High School teacher Jason Kazar, Watertank Math is an innovative process that can be applied in math classrooms everywhere. In conjunction with a NASCO Watertank Math Kit and the Watertank Math Apparatus, the core principles of Watertank Math can be utilized by teachers and parents to consistently introduce integer operations to their students.


Watertank Math

Tackle addition and subtraction with all types of integers.

Watertank Math is designed to be used throughout a student's early math career. Start with the simple addition and subtraction of positive integers, and once mastered, move on to addition and subtraction of negatives. The relateable toilet bowl format creates an emotional connection to the content, ensuring efficient and memorable delivery.


Learn about the process

How can Watertank Math help you?

With Watertank Math's hands-on tools, teachers will be able to use a great kinesthetic method of making sure students learn important concepts and remember them consistently. These tools will reinforce the connection of day to day math operations with the common household toilet so that students, teachers, and parents can all use the same context to work with from the students' beginning stages to expert status.


I'm interested, now what?

We have hands-on products and an interactive app that can help bring the beauty of Watertank Math to life for your classroom.


Ready to implement Watertank Math into your curriculum? We have NASCO-sponsored kits and Watertank Math Models available for purchase.


Our dedicated app team has created an interactive and fun way to illustrate the Watertank Math concept. Available on

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Path to Success

With Watertank Math, real-life connections, consistent delivery, and confident instructors combine to teach students memorable math.

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